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SM Made, LLC (Sewing Mommy) is a small business that was created with kids in mind.

Hi, I am Diana Ross AKA Sewing Mommy,

I am a mother of four boys.

When I was about 16 I started to sew. I used my mothers sewing machine all the time. I loved to make new things, it gave me a great feeling when I accomplished something great all on my own.

I had learned how to sew from my late grandmother ( she passed when I was 16) she had a sewing area in her house and some of the first things I remember was making heart pillows with her that I gave to my mom. Maybe that’s why I am so into sewing now, because I got a taste of it when I was younger. I also remember making things like bean bags with my mom too.

So the Christmas I turned 17 my parents got me my own machine, and I got a job at JoAnn fabrics where I worked for 9 years, which is definitely where I experimented with LOTS of new projects. And became educated on different sewing techniques.

Sewing Mommy started in the Summer of 2008. At that time I had begun working on projects that I thought were fun that my son who was 6 months would like. I was home from work with a knee surgery and decided to put all my projects up for sale to keep me occupied.

I worked in my etsy shop part time when ever I could while I was working a full time bank job from 2008 to 2009 .

Then it came to me in 2011, an opportunity to stay home when I had my second son. I took the chance knowing that the only way that we could make it was if I did my etsy shop FULL time. My husband was a great supporter and told me to do what I love and that we would be fine. He is very helpful and understanding when it comes to my work. I over took our dining room ( which we didn’t really need :)) and made it my work room. That way I wasn’t too far from the family at any given time. I started to create Hand Stamped Jewelry in my  etsy shop of mine and it has just added to my love of the arts, creating wonderful personalized jewelry for everyone!
I am still working on new things all the time in between orders and family. SM Made (Sewing Mommy)  has grown so much from 2008, I am so thankful that it has blossomed this much and helps me be a stay at home mom as well. I never dreamed that I would be able to get as far as I have.

In 2013 sewing mommy had transformed into SM Made, LLC and now has its own site www.smmadellc.com
So thank you to all my supporters/ customers!

Thank you for my husband who encourages me to do anything that I want to and supports all of my creations no matter how crazy they may be! He’s such a great Husband and Daddy! It makes me so happy to be able to do what I love and be home with my kids while doing it. Working at home and helping provide for my family is a blessing.

As far as how the my store  works, I am usually a one man show.
I make all the products on my own, through the day. I process orders everyday with my 3 year old twins by my side. As my other two boys are usually in school. It usually takes me all day to get  all the orders for that day finished up  and I ship it, between working and taking care of my little ones.  I sometimes have helpers when I need them. But for the most part it is all me!

What inspires me is when my products are loved by the customers. I love to make inspiring pieces that have a meaning to someone. I also love that I have my hand crafted piece shipped all over the world. So there’s someone is France wearing my bangles, or in Italy wearing a mother’s necklace.

I have just hit  over 14,000 sales in my etsy shop www.smmade.etsy.com  Thank you for all your support


Thank you for supporting a stay at home mom based business!

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